About Panagon

Panagon was born from Gary Green’s experience when, as a 17-year-old, he suddenly lost his father to a fatal heart attack. Gary adored and respected his father and saw him as his best friend. Visits to the cemetery were cold, empty, and infuriating since he needed to let go gradually, but the traditional way of treating death was completely inadequate. Over decades of mulling over the problem in the back of his mind, and with the help of the research allowed by the advent of the Internet, Gary developed the Panagon concept that replaces burial in the ground under a slab of stone with a comfortable, safe, indoor family information center. Panagon created the means for family and friends to feel spiritually and emotionally closer to their departed family members, which in the future could house many generations.  The family’s shared resting place offers visitors a warm, familiar, and comfortable private gallery surrounded by keepsakes and artifacts. They will enjoy the opportunity to view curated life stories, learn facts and habits from the videos, voice recordings and writings that together form rich biographies. These personal and group histories will reveal both the momentous and the mundane, but always fascinating ties to the past. Panagon makes sure that time will not erase the memories of lives well-lived.

How does Panagon’s program compare to the costs of a burial in a cemetery? The Panagon system offers economic benefits not available in burials,  and the costs are comparable and much less for mid to large-size families. The mission of Panagon is to generate profits for its shareholders on a scale rarely seen before. These economic rewards will inevitably result from disrupting and replacing ancient, out-dated methods of dealing with death. Panagon’s fully patented replacement for cemeteries and cremation has been described as a “presidential library for everyday people,” where each man or woman can create and preserve a legacy. The Panagon solution is a far better experience than is currently available and will grow and forever change the funeral and cemetery industries. Panagon’s great gift to its clients is this: The End of Life Does Not Mean the End of Relationships.

Because Panagon offers everyone something that is manifestly and unmistakably better in every way, and it is difficult to imagine anyone who would elect today’s restricted choices of burial or cremation instead of the Panagon way.  Moreover,  Panagon’s way is more economical, and its adaption is likely to be similar to how the public immediately figured out the benefits of the smartphone, Uber passenger services and shopping online and embraced them without the need for any special indoctrination or persuasion. To borrow from the 1989 Hollywood film Field of Dreams, we feel about Panagon’s breakthrough “If we build it, they will come.”

The Panagon Management Team

Gary Green

Gary has been President of Sidkoff, Pincus & Green, one of Philadelphia’s oldest law firms, since 1972. Gary has distinguished himself in the areas of complex litigation and corporate law, earning an international reputation for his trial skills, as well as successes negotiating and structuring mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructurings. As a member of many professional associations, he has lectured professionally to business leaders, lawyers and students. In the many adventures his law career presented, Gary developed skills as a problem solver and a strategist with insight into human behavior gained from selling juries the merit of his client’s case, and from learning how to understand and communicate with clients, opposing counsel, judges and people of all stripes under stressful situations.

Jay Moulton

Entrepreneur and private equity investor, Jay has led strategy development, operations and financing activities for numerous private and public companies. He currently is CEO of Sixforces Inc., Toteflix Inc., and Econblox Learning. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Jay was President of Plastifab Industries and VP Sales of Metropolitan Funds. Jay is a graduate of The Royal Military College of Canada, is a professional electrical engineer, and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dr. Rod Ghani Ph.D.

Rod is Founder, President and CEO of ExpoTech, Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. ExpoTech has grown to become one of the foremost IT services organizations in the world today with worldwide clients. ExpoTech’s turnkey solutions include business strategies, IT architecture design, implementation and systems design. Dr. Ghani earned his doctorate in innovation diffusion, an inventor, holds nine US patents in computer technology, and authored two books in wireless transformation, and cloud computing innovation.

Dr. Ghani in has over 30 years of progressive technical and entrepreneurial business experience. Throughout his career he has spearheaded hundreds of complex IT transformation projects. He brings strategic focus and vision with mature judgment gained during his successful career. He obtains the ability to analyze corporate needs and quickly develop strategic roadmaps that improve the competitive advantage and time to market, while reducing cost. Rod is a business visionary and an IT innovator.

Robert Prasher

Robert is a seasoned entrepreneur who specializes in business development. He has worked in some of the world’s largest technology corporations, helping them expand their businesses in Canada. Robert’s understanding of technology, digital transformation, and IoT, has enabled him to build strong business relationships in the hospitality, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors. Robert speaks multiple languages and established his entrepreneurial roots early in life while working in his family’s hospitality business. Robert is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their objectives. In his spare time, you will find Robert relentlessly helping others and developing his life skills.

Donavan West

Donavan is Founder and President of the Black Business Accelerator, a grassroots nonprofit, rapidly scaling to be a disruptive challenger to legacy approaches that support entrepreneurs and micro-business. The BBA is committed to creating value via a platform that creates and harnesses a large, scalable network of embryonic, emerging and established, enterprises and customers, both individual and corporate.

Donavan has over 18 years experience in developing systematic blueprints to manage Community Partnerships and Workforce and Development Initiatives. He is an expert in relationship management and key principles that drive stakeholder interests with an advanced knowledge of economic trends that impact community driven and workforce solution initiatives. Donavan provides strategic and methodical marketing, coordination and program development expertise.

Frank Esposito

Frank is the president of Frank Esposito Construction Company Inc., a family owned business that has been in operation for over fifty years.  During his eighteen years as president, and over 40 years with the company, Frank has used his entrepreneurial skills and rapport to expand and strengthen his company’s impact.  That impact ranges from over one hundred ecclesiastical building programs, to real estate partnerships, to numerous board appointments. In each area he has served, Frank has demonstrated fiscal responsibility, reliability, and resourcefulness.  What sets Frank apart from the competition is his ability to creatively resolve complex mandates while maintaining performance. These values make him an asset in both contractual negotiations and navigating an ever-changing market.   

Larry Liss

Larry retired from his distinguished military service in April of 1970 as a Captain. He flew 650 combat missions. Among his awards: 25 Air Medals, one for Valor, the Bronze Star, 3 Purple Hearts, the Valorous Unit Award for extraordinary heroism, National Defense Service Medal, the Meritorious Unit Commendation, Vietnam Service Medal with three bronze stars, the Vietnamese Campaign Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross for Valor. In 2010 the BBC produced an award winning series entitled “Helicopter Missions.” One episode features one of Larry’s missions and can be seen on YouTube.

During his multi-faceted business career he founded the Flightways Corporation which was a well known regional air carrier. He later became President of the Diversified Environmental Corporation, a 150 million dollar division of the LVI Group, a billion dollar NYSE Company. Over the past 48 months, through Birchrun Advisers (TA) he has invested in, and arranged funding for, 12 emerging veteran businesses and a total of $22 million dollars.

Ericka Monsivais

Ericka, a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was actually raised in Mexico City but now proudly calls Arizona home where she works at Expotech as Director of Business Development. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management from Universidad Iberoamerican (IBERO)- Ciudad de Mexico. Before Expotech, Ericka held roles as Financial Controller and Sr. Project Manager. Ericka takes her client’s trust very seriously. Not only does she hold with high regard her abilities in assisting clients in visualizing their dream and making it a reality, she also values the relationships she makes with her clients in the process. She believes in continuing to learn – not only is she bilingual, she is learning Arabic.  

One of her biggest passions is volunteering time with a charity called CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). With CASA, she advocates for children under the judicial system and also mentors a child or (children).

Robert Strickler

Rob is a designer, marketer and business manager who brings 40+ years of experience to Panagon. His background includes website and software product design, game development, analytical skills as well as technology, software product management and team management. Robs core strengths include creative vision, communications and day to day management and coordination of Panagon’s progress and development.

Let’s build something together.