The Most Valuable Data – Ever!

Due to highly specific information shared by app users – much more detailed than typically available via existing census or market research databases – Panagon believes that the opportunity for database mining could be significantly more valuable than digital advertising monetization.

Panagon customers will naturally and securely share their interests, passions, hobbies, buying habits and more via the app!

Privacy and security first

For market research uses, Panagon’s anonymous rich demographic data is layered across existing databases. Market researchers and advertisers benefit from the enriched, aggregated demographic data. However, no research clients can access any identifiable or revealing information for any particular Panagon app user. 

Panagon will be methodical, meticulous and zealous in honoring its pledge that no collected facts will reveal the names or likeness of any customer. Users’ digitized contributions of intimate personal feelings, aspirations and stories, when aggregated with other customers, will anonymously document, quantify and qualify the shifts and cycles of the thoughts and deeds of the world’s population.

Subject to its pledge to keep the individuals anonymous, Panagon’s agreements with its customers will grant it all rights to sell to marketers, data miners and researchers the unprecedented, vast storehouse of human behavior, which in the aggregate might be the largest single repository of highly actionable data ever available in one place.

Time-stamped images, videos, GPS locations, voice patterns, physical activity metrics, website visits, media content consumption and social interactions are just some data examples from which intelligent algorithms can mine deep and meaningful demographic data. Panagon’s database will be a treasure-trove of information that can be monetized in both the market research and digital advertising markets. In fact, such deep consumer data empowers advertisers to optimize their trillion-dollar-plus annual advertising budgets across all advertising media.

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