The New Descendants and Legacy Market

Panagon Buildings and Heritage Galleries – Business Model

Panagon will grow the industry by creating a new market segment, the Descendants Care and Legacy segment. Management estimates that this new segment in the U.S. alone offers $4 billion of market potential annually. Panagon’s innovative products and services will naturally disrupt the $400 million premium private mausoleum share of the cemetery industry. People are already spending $250,000 to many millions of dollars to build private crypts in cemeteries and, in some states, on their own land. 

Panagon’s business model is based on a license to develop, combining Panagon’s patented, proprietary systems, the operating capacities of deep-pocketed funeral home and cemetery owners, and those of residential and commercial real estate developers.

The departed are interred safely and securely in a sealed Hermetic Vessel, within a vault in the Heritage Gallery.
Authorized visitors relax in the serene comfort of their customized family Heritage Gallery.
Families and other groups can select the size of their Heritage Galleries according to their needs.
Panagon licensees will be able to convert non-productive properties into revenues generating locations. Panagon customers will own their individual rooms as well as shared space, similar to condominiums. This concept is referred to as Condorminiums.
Panagon’s unique system is protected and secured from competition by two patents.

Join us in this incredible opportunity!