A Green Value Proposition for Cemetery and Funeral Home Owners

Panagon is a perfect fit for funeral homes looking for growth and revenue sources. All over America, neighborhood urban funeral parlors have watched their business become irrelevant and dwindle as people use funeral homes closer to the cemeteries that increasingly are found in under-populated suburbs, hours away from the urban centers where the mourners and the deceased called home.  

Panagon provides a solution to funeral directors who license the system and take over Panagon buildings, known as Condorminiums. Once the funeral director gets his license and chooses a location for their licensed Panagon building, viewings and services can be held in the non-sectarian parlor space on the first floor. When services are complete, there’s no need to travel to participate in the interment ceremony.

Panagon buildings – also known as Condorminiums – can host funerals on location. After the ceremony, the deceased is simply and respectfully interred in their private Heritage Gallery.

Funeral directors have incentive to license the Panagon system since it alone can revive their businesses. Panagon’s vertical construction means the footprint for thousands of Hermetic Vessels would be a tiny fraction of the thousands of square yards that a cemetery would need for the same number of bodies. Consequently, a funeral director could renovate any close-by, city-based office or warehouse building, and transform it into a Panagon building.   

As a collateral benefit to the funeral homes, having ongoing Panagon visitors allows the funeral home’s sales and marketing crews to cultivate lasting relationships with families that will put the funeral directors into the family’s planning, generating future sales of Heritage Galleries.

Addressing Environmental Concerns

Cemetery burials are taxing on the environment due to toxic chemicals from the various processes leaching into the air, water and soil, as well as non-biodegradable materials buried in the ground. Panagon provides an environmentally-friendly solution to this pollution while at the same time helping major urban centers solve their problems of overflowing cemeteries and land scarcity.

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